Women Voice and Leadership

Women Voice and Leadership

This project is aimed at capacitating young women and men from various community based organizations in the areas of gender, leadership, sexual and reproductive health rights, violence prevention and access to decent work.
1) Project Title
Women Voice and Leadership Project
3) Goal of the Project
The overall goal of the project is to ensure gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in the project area.
4) Project Duration
This project is implemented for a period of 1 year and six months.
2) Total Budge of the Project
The total budget of the project is 1,500,000.
5) Objective of the Project

  • To improve distribution of roles and responsibilities among women and men in the target area
  • To improve economic status of women and access to decent income opportunities
  • To enhanced societal norms and practices towards gender equality

6) Major Activities in the Project

  • Provision of trainings on gender roles and responsibilities
  • Organizing consultative workshops on gender roles and responsibilities
  • Provision of trainings to women in small-scale business on basic business skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and saving

7) Area of Implementation
The project is implemented in Bahirdar City.