Ethiopian Center for Development recognizes its responsibility to be accountable to all of its stakeholders and to be effective and efficient in all of its operations. We are committed to taking full responsibility of our developmental endeavors and activities. Our organizational policies support and promote transparency at all levels of the organization and ensure we meet the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders, in particular the children, youth and women we exist to serve. We firmly believe that we cannot achieve our organization’s mission without being open and honest to our donors, government, and the people we serve. Therefore Accountability is the core of the implementation strategy of ECD.

Financial Accountability

Our work to transform the lives of children, youth and women can be fruitful through genuine support of our donors and partners. As an organization trust and transparency towards our donors and partners are very important to us. Hence we are committed to ensuring that all information about how we spend and protect our funds is clear and accurate to our donors and partners. Our accounts and financial transactions are independently audited in accordance with internationally accepted accounting standards on Auditing, which require us to comply with ethical requirements and ensure accuracy in our financial statements.