Pathways for Sustainable Employment for Women and Youth in Ethiopia (PASEWAY)

PASEWAY project aims to contribute for an increasing formal youth employment and decent work in Addis Ababa. It has two main objectives. On the one hand, it strives to ensure disadvantaged young people successfully pursue gainful employment or self-employment. On the other hand, it works to strengthen the capacities of local partners in implementing projects to promote youth employment and entrepreneurship among young people in Ethiopia. The project focuses both on improving the skills and learning environment for young people (especially women) in line with their needs and on improving cooperation with employers and the private sector concerning the recruitment of young people (especially young women). The young people are also encouraged to influence the political discourse on youth employment and thus have a chance to have a positive impact in the long-term on existing rights.

PASEWAY Project Description

General Objectives
General Objectives
To contribute to increasing of formal youth employment in decent work in Addis Ababa through tailored technical, vocational and educational training and net working with employers on chosen sectors to women and youths.
Expected out come
Expected out come
1) 1050 Young people(Youth and Women) are successfully employed and/or self employed. 2) Strengthening capacities of the local partners in the implementation of projects to promote youth employments and entrepreneurship for young people in Ethiopia
Implementation strategies
Through tailored TVET training, Job internship with employers, Community awareness on the youth employment, Strengthening local partners on youth employment and Setting up of business incubation centre as innovation hub for youths and women
Types of beneficiaries
Types of beneficiaries
Youth, Women, their family members, HIV positive person, person with disability, TVET graduate and who completed 10th grades.
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