Construction of Pre-Primaries for Children (Oromiya Region)

Construction of Pre-Primaries for Children (Oromiya Region)

ECD has constructed new pre -primary classrooms and refurbished run down ones in poverty stricken areas in five regions across Ethiopia. As part of the intervention, ECD provided desks, chairs, shelves, blackboards and other materials including teaching aids to these pre-primaries. The center also installed attractive playgrounds and provided uniforms for children in need. Impoverished areas in SNNP, Oromiya, Amhara, Tigray and Hareri Regions were targeted and thus a total of 2794) children benefited from this intervention. The pre-primaries were built in impoverished areas in government owned schools as indicated below. So far 8 pre-primaries are constructed and 9 pre-primaries are renovated.

Pre-Primary Solonke Kurfa Construction


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